Hay in middle of road

During a relaxed evening in late June while scattered sprinkles became less evident, I encountered a bale of hay in the middle of the road I was traversing.  A broken bale was near the edge of the road.  They created a traffic hazard.  I was ten miles from the farm where my friend Kathy owns and trains horses.  I decided to eliminate the hazard from the road and give some free hay to my friend.  The whole bale was easy to transport.  I also put part of the broken bale in the truck next to the freezer.  I used to bale hay with my grandpa and have always loved its aroma.  My two favorite aromas are produced by hay and by lilacs.  
I thought it was convenient that I was so close to Kathy’s where I met Floyd.  Floyd is the only horse I have ridden.  When Kathy was my girlfriend, I wrote, “Bale of Hay” as a parody of my chocolate milk song.  My Children’s Book, “Floyd Eats a Bale of Hay” is based on it.

After loading the hay into the truck, I continued driving in search of customers.  A few miles later, I was stopped by a man.  He appeared to be slightly perplexed as he approached the serving window noticing a pile of hay next to the freezer.  I asked him if he had any goats.  He happily responded, “Yes we do.”  I then asked if they would like some free hay.  He told his mom that I had free hay.  Dixie was pleasantly surprised.  We unloaded the loose hay which would be eaten by Otis and Little Joe.  I loved that a field of corn was across the road because I then recited my poem, “Orchestra of Goats”, which begins with…
“As I gazed out, across a field of corn, I saw a goat…”
My Children’s Book, “Floyd Hears an Orchestra of Goats” is based on my poem.
After serving three humans frozen treats and dispensing free hay, I drove to Kathy’s to unload the whole bale.hay


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